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How to memorise vocabulary

Many people have been using quarantine as a time to learn a new language. Here are my two cents about how to perfect your memorisation skills. After all, being an interpreter means that I have to learn new vocabulary almost every day. Admittedly, I'm not always thrilled about it. Surely you can relate. Remember how annoying it was to cram for exams when you were still in school?

So, to keep myself motivated I have to come up with different techniques that keep me on my toes. Otherwise things just won't sink in.

Here are are few techniques that work well for me:

Choose different places

Just sitting at the computer won't help me much. So I make a list (I will type it down - or, even better - write it on a piece of paper) and find myself a place to memorise it. It could be in a café, the library or just outside in the garden.

Get some exercise

Get out of the house and go for a walk, and then review your vocabulary. Studies have shown that physical exercise helps you memorise things more effectively. Especially when you're out in the fresh air!

Make advertisement breaks your friend

Use the advertisement break in your favourite television programme creatively and catch up on your vocabulary (won't work with Netflix, of course!).

Record your voice

Simply use your voice memo app and record your vocab list (first English, then German, or vice versa) on your iPhone. You're more likely to remember something if you read it to yourself out loud. Plus, you can listen to your recording anywhere and at any time. I usually do when I brush my teeth, go grocery shopping, or when I'm on my way to my next assignment.

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