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Name the interpreter

Today is International Translation Day, so it's time to draw attention to us interpreters. You see, we usually work in the background and lend our voices to the speakers on the stage. If you don't notice us, we feel it's a compliment, because it shows how smoothly you can communicate on an intercultural level. And yet it is quite rare for organisers to officially appreciate our work.

Occasionally, we are mentioned at the end of an event, usually during the acknowledgements. Though rarely by name. At public readings or bilateral talks, there will be a place card with our name on it for all to see. Sometimes you will find our names at the end of the agenda, in the imprint of a catalogue, or on the list of participants or service providers that accompanies conference or trade show materials. And since recently, our name is visible for everybody who has joined a video conferences we are interpreting.

I was especially pleased, however, to see my name and a link to my website on the TAIFUN Project e.V. Youtube channel, appreciating my interpreting services! When you take the time and give us a mention you automatically acknowledge our work. After all, we contribute significantly to the success of an international conversation! And when you have the opportunity to listen to us during one of our assignments and want to hire us for your next event, it would be neat if you could find our contact details right away, wouldn't it?

So thank you for appreciating our work by mentioning us interpreters at your next event.

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