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It's oh so quiet

Professional interpreters usually prefer to drink still water during an assignment. The reason is quite simple: sparkling water will cause you to burp. A definite no-go when you’re on air. The same is true for pouring yourself a drink when your own or your interpreting colleague's mic is open. Here's what has been proven and tested in the booth and can also be applied to video conferences. When you participate in an online meeting you should always mute your mic when not speaking, so as to avoid background noise and feedback. But what if you need a drink of water when you’re the one who has the floor and cannot or do not want to mute yourself during a presentation? How do you avoid the unpleasant glug noise which occurs when pouring from a bottle? It’s as easy as pie. For a smooth pour, hold both glass and bottle at an angle, almost horizontal to the floor, and pour slowly, ideally, under your desk and away from your mic. The water will not slosh back into the bottle, but flow quietly and evenly down the side of the glass.

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