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Listen to my interpretation

When two of my favorite things - interpreting and dance - happen at the same time, it’s like my birthday, Christmas, and Easter all rolled into one!

So, this Saturday is the day: Together with Andrea Wilming I will be interpreting Nanako Nakajima's lecture on Embracing the Aging Body in Dance as part of the symposium Time Shifts - Age(ing) and Society both into English and German.

This is my first in-person event including a live audience since the pandemic hit!

If you want to listen to our translation, watch the recording on YouTube. Learn more at

You’re in the area?

Just drop by at Palais Wittgenstein in Düsseldorf and be part of the free event (the “Three Gs” rule applies — geimpft, getestet, genesen – vaccinated, tested, recovered).

Plus, we’ll be waving you hello from the booth ;-)

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