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Preparation is everything

Most employees have adjusted to working from home as offices are closed due to the pandemic. But now they are often faced with an increased workload. They click from one video call to the next, as they no longer have to physically walk to the meeting room, enjoy a little chat and get a cup of coffee on their way. They just log on, time and again. Consequently, this also impacts the collaboration with interpreters. It seems to me that most organisers now send out preparatory material no sooner than the night before a video conference. In order to be able to interpret your event professionally, however, interpreters must thoroughly familiarise themselves with the content and the terminology of an event. After all, our field of activity is diverse: today it's about paints and varnishes, tomorrow it's about the new album of a world-class violinist or a training on agile business processes. And we have to know our way around these topics, despite our general expertise in different fields. So you could say: the quality of the interpreting output depends on the preparation. The sooner you make material available to us, the better we can familiarise ourselves with the specific terminology and the intention of the speaker(s).

So, despite the increased time pressure these days, please try to provide us with relevant background and reference material such as website information, invitation, agenda, lists of contributors and participants, target group, lists of company-specific abbreviations, graphics, organisational charts, etc. several days in advance and ask contributors to provide you with their manuscripts and PowerPoint presentations for preparation purposes in good time as well. The quality of your event depends on it!

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