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To be or not to be in Stuttgart

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

With the number of COVID cases still on the rise in Germany, the 19th Annual Members’ Meeting of VKD - Germany’s professional association for conference interpreters took place as a hybrid event on 29 and 30 January 2022 - both virtually and physically under strict hygiene measures in the lovely town of Stuttgart. After much consideration, I finally decided to take them up on their offer and attend the meeting online and from my own premises (again). In the end, approx. 60 members were on site and approx. 150 participated online.

A virtual meeting is not the same, but it is something, considering the circumstances. Hopefully next year it will be easier to decide to attend in person, to see each other again face-to-face, have a proper talk with long-missed colleagues during breaks, participate in joint activities and have a huge dinner together. I miss that dearly.

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