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Train your brain

If you want to stay fit for demanding assignments you need to train your concentration and response in the booth. With simultaneous translation you cannot always anticipate the correct verb right away. And on TV or on the radio they prefer an increased décalage (length of time between the start of the original speech and the beginning of the interpretation), so you can listen to both versions to a certain extent. That's why I keep bending my brain, do puzzles, riddles and brain teasers to improve my vocabulary in my mother tongue and other languages and to better memorise and recall information.

The following exercises help you rewire your brain:


Choose any 5 adjectives and come up with 5 synonyms each.

Example: pretty - beautiful, lovely, attractive, charming, gorgeous


Form 20 words all starting with the same consonant.

Example: flower, feather, fern, fly, fence, fungi ...


And here's a brain teaser that you can tackle on the go: simply spell words backwards - the longer the words the better!

TIP: A fun way to challenge your vocabulary, observation and reflexes is the Dobble Card Game. Looks as easy as pie, but this children's game is perfect to sharpen your eye and mind!

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