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Back in the hub

The number of Covid-19 cases in Germany is still rising. So as an alternative to in-person assignments for pandemic reasons, using an interpreting hub is the best alternative yet (rather than working from one’s own premises), if you want your online meeting or video conference to run smoothly with as little glitches as possible. They are equipped with conference level hardware and software, which is why they are currently the most reliable and, when it comes to data protection, safest RSI solution. Technical experts are on site to help with any problem you may be facing on client or interpreter side. And if your interpreters can fully concentrate on what they do best without having to deal with any technical issues, you can benefit from an excellent rendition in your preferred languages. But what makes interpreting life so much easier when working from a hub? For one, you can see and directly communicate with your booth mate verbally, with gestures, mimics, through eye contact etc. Plus, a hard console makes interpreting so much easier! You just choose your channel and turn on your mic and adjust the volume ALL IN ONE PLACE rather than handling different windows and programmes on your computer screen. Taking relay is a piece of cake and just a push of a button away, rather than moving your mouse from one screen to another, switching between devices and accounts to listen to a colleague’s rendition of a speech in a language you don‘t speak, so you can continue to work with the language pair you do work with.

If you are interested in my remote interpreting services from a hub, please feel free to contact me.

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