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Fold it, don't crumple it

Now that Germany's partial lockdown has been extended for another month we may very well expect yet another toilet paper shortage in the supermarkets. So it’s about time we all reduced our toilet paper usage. Germany, for instance, is setting an international standard as many Germans prefer to use highly absorbent, 5-ply toilet paper. In, let's say, the US on the other hand, you will mostly find untextured 1- or 2-ply toilet paper on the shelves. Why is that? When I did some research for my final thesis (back in the day) I read a great number of studies on international product development and audience understanding, and I came to the following conclusion: Germans fold the paper, while Americans will crumple it. Meaning that the average German uses just 20 sheets of toilet paper a day, in the US it's 57 sheets. So if COVID forces us to limit the use of lavatory rolls yet again, don’t forget to start folding in the powder room!

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