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Interpreting from a hub

Large in-person events are still under restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and with Covid-19 cases rising at the beginning of this autumn season it remains to be seen whether they will continue to be possible at all.

So we need to look for alternatives to physical events. Last week I had the opportunity to work from the schneider konferenz systeme interpreter hub in Düsseldorf to provide remote simultaneous interpreting services. Such hubs are equipped with conference level hardware and software and are therefore currently the most reliable and, when it comes to data protection, safest RSI solution in the market, enabling international events, meetings and conferences in compliance with social distancing rules. Simultaneous interpretation can even be integrated into the clients’ preferred video conferencing solutions. To us, the setting is (almost) the same as before the virus hit: interpreting takes place from a soundproof booth, with the support from engineers and event coordinators making sure your digital event runs smoothly from start to finish. It’s just the audience, or participants, and speakers who are missing: they log on from their computers and can be seen on large screens.

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