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Interpreting from a single booth

Have you ever wondered what has changed about interpreting workspaces in times of Covid-19?

Well, for one, I worked a large part from home during the lockdowns. Now, hybrid events are popping up in the event landscape, i. e. an event takes place in a studio or on the clients‘ premises, and is broadcast to the audience via a video conferencing platform. In this case, the interpreters will be on site as well. However, we are not sharing a 2.5 sqm booth as usual. We now work exceptionally from one booth per interpreter. It‘s actually pretty roomy for us these days!

Here‘s a peek into my current workspace equipped with (clockwise from top-left):

  • my "cheat sheet" with abbreviations of important institutions, names, positions, etc.

  • my iPad serving as a second device as well as a second set of headphones so I can listen to my booth mate in the soundproof booth next to me/take relay

  • a laptop serving as a soft console to switch between language channels for Zoom interpreting

  • my Macbook with all my glossaries, (online) dictionaries, and access to Google Docs or an etherpad to communicate in writing with my booth mate

  • a face mask for when I leave the interpreting booth

  • and the usual: bottles(!) of still water, lozenges, charger(s), a printed agenda, a notepad for figures, names, doodling, etc.

If you are interested in my remote interpreting services, please feel free to contact me.

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