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Interpreting via Zoom

This week I organised my first Zoom remote interpreting assignment from my own language lab. Not only did I translate the meeting, but I also discussed the various RSI options with my US-based client and rehearsed the meeting in a test run a day prior to the actual 90-minute meeting.

Since this was a relatively short, informal meeting without any data protection requirements or high-profile guest speakers, the client opted for remote language interpretation via Zoom. And I chose to accept this assignment, because I am well-versed in the field of film (my specialty).

My booth partner and I could only see and hear each other virtually thanks to a second device, which enabled a smooth handover.

All in all I can say that for certain assignments, Zoom can be a good alternative. But we cannot wait to finally meet again in person, work with expert technicians and sit in a real booth for a change once the pandemic is under control.

If you are interested in my remote interpreting services using this feature, please feel free to contact me.

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