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The return of in-person events

In-person events are back! Clearly, you can tell that organisers, participants and interpreters alike are beyond excited to be back on site. With COVID-19 presenting continued risk to public health, maintaining good hygiene measures and social distancing remains a top priority to ensure the health and safety of anyone visiting the venue. But still, it almost feels like back in the good old days. Almost. So, what is different now? Well, first of all, all persons involved have to show proof of a negative COVID test result or even take a test on site. As interpreters, each colleague works in an individual booth to ensure the best possible protection against infection with the coronavirus. There are disinfectants to clean the consoles and surfaces inside the booths and disposable headphone covers. On site, we all sign into the Luca app to record the length of our stay for a better tracking of infection chains.

Plus, everyone is wearing a face mask (except inside the booths or if participants/presenters are seated or on stage). Such hygiene measures along with a top-notch sound quality thanks to wired connections give the best possible protection for us interpreters, as both health and occupational safety are taken into account.

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