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The invisible booth

In video conferences you will rarely get to see us do our job in the virtual sphere, but at physical events interpreting booths are indispensable for simultaneous interpreting, especially when we need to translate into and from several different languages. They are sound-insulated and provide us with just enough room to set up our workplace - one booth per language. For an impeccable interpreting performance, they are placed in such a way that they allow us to see the speakers, their presentations, and everything that is happening on stage. So we can understand and transfer the non-verbal part of the communication as well. As unpopular as these bulky booths may sometimes be with clients, it is still surprising that many of the participants happen to simply "ignore" them: they often stand right in front of them (and block our view).

Just recently, a colleague of mine told me that a lady used the window pane as a mirror and calmly put on her lipstick, whereas inside they had to translate the financial results of the last quarter!

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