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Interpreting via MS Teams

For my last RSI assignment the client used Microsoft Teams to meet with the partners of a large consulting firm.

Unlike Zoom, which offers several virtual interpreting booths to switch back and forth between channels and languages, you need to open a second meeting to enable language interpretation via Teams. The interpreters will listen to the floor feed in Meeting 1 and broadcast their translation into Meeting 2. This set-up makes a multilingual meeting requiring several languages all the more complicated. So if you’re using MS Teams as your preferred video conferencing platform and seek to work with interpreters, I suggest to limit the languages to just two (i.e. one source and one target language), so as to limit the number of meetings as well.

For international MS Teams meetings that require more than one language translation, it is recommend to work from an RSI hub where specialized technicians handle everything related to interpreting equipment.

If you are interested in my remote interpreting services using this feature, please feel free to contact me.

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